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Switch and control panels

Switch and control cabinets

As the requirements to be met by modern machines become ever more stringent, and topics such as Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance and extended usability set new standards, manufacturers need to revise, extend and upgrade the electrical systems of their products – while keeping costs low. As a result, the switching and control technology behind their machines becomes more complex, and switch cabinets must record more data than ever before, transmit more sensor signals and control more components.

As the complexity of the machine control increases, a number of aspects such as serviceability, easy replacement and long-term availability of spare parts as well as options for future upgrading must be taken into account for the design of a control cabinet. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to successfully tackle these challenges.


As a specialist supplier, we are able to build switch cabinets of any type and size and for any purpose and machine. We design and manufacture:

  • Terminal boxes and distributors,
  • Switch cabinets,
  • Control cabinets,
  • Operating cabinets and control desks,
  • Low-voltage distribution panels,
  • Network and server cabinets,
  • Frequency converter cabinets,
  • 19" racks,

We offer rubber distributors as well as units made in standard steel, stainless steel and plastic – based on our own design or assembled according to your documentation – in the quality you demand and delivered just in time. We also work as a contract manufacturer and are experienced in the completion of turnkey projects.