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Cable Assembly

Cable assembly

To make it clear from the start: we are not equipped for large series production and do not supply simple cables or low-quality assemblies.

Plants are only productive, if all functional connections are of a high quality and rugged design. Otherwise, operators run the risk of prolonged downtimes and high repair costs, especially if they need to source bespoke cables made in special materials. We produce small series, customised assemblies and special cables that meet stringent requirements in order to withstand heat, water ingress, exposure to chemicals and other adverse ambient conditions.

We produce assemblies of:

  • Flat cables,
  • Multi-wire cables,
  • Single-strand cables.

Our lines are crimpled, press-fitted and fully equipped with manufacturer tags and printed data labels. After production, every cable assembly undergoes a series of stringent tests.

Our cable harnesses are primarily installed in ships, boats and maritime industrial plants. We are known for our top-quality and durable cable harnesses designed for yachts and other boats, as they offer a commercially viable alternative to conventional cable ducts inside the hull. Many renowned shipyards are relying on our expertise and experience in this field.

We gladly assist you in engineering all your electrical systems. Together with you, we choose the most suitable solution. We then draw up the circuit diagrams and wiring layouts, produce the harnesses and finally install them in your vessels. We also support you in commissioning your systems, testing your vessels and making delivery voyages. In addition, we offer comprehensive technical services – worldwide.